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Monday, May 17, 2021
Muslims around the world on Sunday began celebrating Eid al-Fitr, a normally festive holiday marking the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, with millions under strict stay-at-home orders and many fearing renewed coronavirus outbreaks.... Read more
Published on: 2020-05-24
China's foreign ministry branch in Hong Kong dismissed concerns that its proposed national security laws for the city would harm foreign investors, hitting back at "meddling" countries as Beijing's ties with Washington soured further.... Read more
Published on: 2020-05-23
China's top economic official on Friday promised higher spending to revive its pandemic-stricken economy and curb surging job losses, but steered clear of launching a massive stimulus on the scale of the United States or Japan.... Read more
Published on: 2020-05-22
Locusts, COVID-19 and deadly flooding pose a "triple threat" to millions of people across East Africa, officials warned Thursday, while the World Bank announced a $500-million program for countries affected by the historic desert locust swarms.... Read more
Published on: 2020-05-21
The Trump administration notified international partners on Thursday that it is pulling out of a treaty that permits 30-plus nations to conduct unarmed, observation flights over each other's territory — overflights set up decades ago to promote trust and avert conflict.... Read more
Published on: 2020-05-21
Global coronavirus cases surpassed five million on Wednesday, with Latin America overtaking the United States and Europe in the past week to report the largest portion of new daily cases globally.... Read more
Published on: 2020-05-21
Israel now has two prime ministers who disagree on everything — except the plan to annex part of the West Bank. If the Trudeau government is pushing back against an annexation plan that would mean the end of the "two-state" solution, it's keeping it quiet.... Read more
Published on: 2020-05-21
Wide swaths of the coasts of India and Bangladesh were flooded and millions of people remained without power Thursday, after the most powerful cyclone to hit the region in more than decade left dozens dead and a trail of destruction.... Read more
Published on: 2020-05-21
Taiwan cannot accept becoming part of China under its "one country, two systems" offer of autonomy, President Tsai Ing-wen said on Wednesday, in a strong rejection of China's sovereignty claim, but called for talks so that both sides could coexist.... Read more
Published on: 2020-05-20
Changes designed to enhance opportunities for minorities to get executive, head coaching and co-ordinator positions were passed Tuesday by NFL owners.... Read more
Published on: 2020-05-19
Two top U.S. airlines said on Tuesday ticket cancellations were slowing and demand was showing some signs of improvement, with Southwest Airlines Co. recording more trip reservations than cancellations so far this month.... Read more
Published on: 2020-05-19
Vladimir Putin has freed Russians from their coronavirus lockdown. But that liberation has only added to their confusion over the dangers of COVID-19, writes Chris Brown.... Read more
Published on: 2020-05-18
Societal attitudes in North America toward wearing masks in public as protection against COVID-19 have undergone an "unprecedented' shift in just a matter of months, some social psychologists say.... Read more
Published on: 2020-05-18
Russia hit a grim Covid-19 milestone this week: According to Johns Hopkins University, the country now ranks second in the world for confirmed coronavirus cases. ... Read more
Published on: 2020-05-17
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