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Weight Loss Challenges to Try

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Weight loss challenges have been around forever it seems but these days, there’s a twist. Like the 1996 Tom Cruise film, “Jerry Maguire”, people have started saying “Show me the money!” So, what’s up with that?

Weight Loss as a Moneymaker

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Yes, now it’s all about the money. At one time, individuals just wanted to lose body fat, but all of a sudden they wanted to get cash for it, too! They’re so sure they’ll lose those stubborn pounds that they’re wagering for the chance to win big for losing big. 

The DietBet Weight Loss Challenge

One such weight loss challenge is called “DietBet” and basically, the name says it all. You bet on your diet results and, surprisingly, the prizes are quite substantial.  OK, you’re gambling your hard-earned money and, if you falter and don’t lose the weight, you could lose. But, that gives you even more incentive to lose those stubborn pounds. Not only will you be considerably healthier but richer, too, if you’re a winner. 

How it Works

You’ll be betting on yourself to be losing weight and, when you reach that goal, you could end up splitting a pretty big pot with other betters. Here are the basic steps:

Step #1- Joining

Then, choosing from the games that start soon, or starting your own, you’ll start by putting money into the pot. After one month, whoever has lost four percent of his or her body weight ends up splitting the pot. And, you can try DietBet risk-free, cancelling up to seven days from the start of your game for a full refund with the Diet Bet money back guarantee.

Step #2- Weigh-In

Two days prior to the start of your chosen game, you’ll be submitting your official start weight. For this step, you’ll need

  • Your scale (preferably a digital one)
  • Your smartphone or digital camera 
  • Somebody to take your picture or full-length mirror
  • Submit your two photos

Step #3- Play

At this point, you have 28-days to lose four percent and you can also use DietBet for posting photos and/or comments, as well as getting some excellent weight-loss tips. And, if you are a true technophile, try DietBet on-the-go for iOS and Android. It’s great for getting diet support when you’re on the move and sharing with others. 

Step #4- Weigh-Out

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Following your final day, you have 48-hours for weighing out and submitting photos for verification.

Step #5- Win!

Within one day from the end of your final weigh-out period, the results will be made official and the entire pot (minus the DietBet fee) will be divided among all of the winners. Winners will be notified via email and the payout added to his or her DietBet account in the form of Points. Then, you can apply it to your next game at DietBet or simply cash out via PayPal.

Join or Start Your Own

You can find a game that’ll work for you or you could even start your own. And, DietBet will let you join a game right up until the 14th day, so if you missed the entry deadline, no worries, you can still get in. And, be sure to check out the many blogs on the different games and community groups. They range from extremely motivational to just plain entertaining. See other members’ thoughts and reflections, advice, musings, and even healthy recipes. 

Featured Everywhere

DietBet has been featured on Today, Runner’s World, CNN Health, Fitness, Yahoo! Health, ABC News, The Huffington Post, and even The Wall Street Journal. Actually, there are too many shows, sites, and publications to list. So, if you want to see them all and/or join DietBet for a win-win, just click here and see if it’s really a better way to lose weight!

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