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How to Lose Weight During Quarantine


Most people have fled indoors in the wake of the corona virus, and if you’re not careful you can quickly gain a few dozen pounds without even realizing it.

Here are 5 things you can do to lose weight during quarantine:


Unable to get to the gym due to the lockdown? No worries- you can do the same thing at home.

This method works even if you don’t have gym equipment. Aside from aerobics and cardio exercises, you can climb the stairs or do some body weight movements.

Even better, you can lose excess weight and be productive at the same time by doing house chores such as laundry, gardening or room cleaning, for instance. It’s all about burning those calories!

Don’t Forget to Drink Water

Young woman drinking water sitting on armchair at home. Health benefits of drinking enough water concepts.

The days can pass by slowly, and before long you’ll be looking for activities that can take your mind off things.

In these times it’s best to remember that you still need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Not getting enough can lead to dehydration, which in turn leads to low energy and overeating.

You can set up reminders via smartphone and notes to track how much water you’ve taken. You can also proactively choose water over other liquids such as juices, tea and coffee, and drink a glass or two on each meal.

Get More Fiber

High fiber food choices.

One of the best ways how to lose weight during quarantine is to include more fiber-rich foods in your diet.

Fiber is great for those who want to lose weight, because it makes you feel fuller for longer, helps sweep out waste from the body and improves gut health.

Adding more fiber to your meals is quite easy. Buy whole grains and whole wheat instead of their processed counterparts, legumes, beans and get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables.

Quality Sleep

Work-life quality balance concept with happy city lifestyle Asian girl having a good day waking up from sleep in morning taking some rest, lazily relaxing in comfort in condominium or hotel bed room

Having a good night’s sleep is actually helpful for those who are on a weight loss program.

Quality over quantity is the rule when it comes to sleep for weight loss. You’ll want at least 8 hours of uninterrupted and restful sleep time. Darken the room, listen to soothing music and unplug from social media and electronic devices 30 minutes to an hour before going to bed.

Being Mindful

Illustration on 9 of the healthiest high-fiber food you should consume regularly.

Last but not the least, you should be looking at what you’re eating before putting it in your plate.

Processed foods and artificial ones typically contain more calories than their organic counterparts. Whole foods such as veggies and lean meat are more filling and keep you satiated for a long time.

When hunger strikes in-between meals, try a handful of nuts, yogurt or fruits instead of potato chips or soda. 


Losing weight is easier than you’d think. You just have to get some exercise, sleep right and drink plenty of water to keep healthy, and make the right food choices come snack or meal time.

With the right mindset and determination you’ll be lighter and healthier than ever. Continue to practice these 5 weight loss techniques and you can overcome any obstacle!

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