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8 Best Exercises to Lose Weight

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Choosing the best weight loss method is difficult and confusing. Dieting and exercising are the most popular methods people rely on to lose body fat because they are healthy, safe, and do not have any side effects. Our busy daily schedules and improper dieting makes it hard for both men and women to lose weight. However, keeping your workouts simple and manageable is crucial to avoid skipping a workout session. Simple workouts are not only safer for your body but also help you become consistent with time. With simple exercises, you do not need a gym membership because they can be done anywhere with simple workout equipment. The best weight loss exercises include:

1. Yoga

Two females on yoga mat stretching.

Yoga is one of the simple and easy weight loss exercises for both men and women. However, to benefit from yoga sessions, you should do it right. Therefore, thorough research and getting help from experts is a good idea. Balasana, Tadasana, Bhunjangasana, and Padmasana are some yoga techniques recommended for weight loss.

2. Crunches

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Are you struggling with belly fat? Crunches are abdominal workouts that help burn excess fats, develop abs, strengthening, and toning your muscles. You will find it challenging to do crunches at first, but you will get used to and reap the benefits with time. Doing crunches for 6 minutes can help you burn up to 60 calories a day! Therefore, you can do three sets of 25 crunches every day to reduce belly fat and achieve overall weight loss.

3. Planks

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Planks target all the major muscles in your body. As a result, you should incorporate them into your daily work out exercises. Planks are not only easy but also effective in your weight loss journey. To tighten up the belly, hold yourself in a push-up position with your forearms resting on the ground. With time you will toughen up.

4. Lunges

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Weight loss for men should include forward lunges because they effectively work on muscles. Lunges are good for legs, thighs, and core muscles. If you have an exercising partner, you can pair up to motivate each other while working out.

5. Cardio activities

Cardio activities refer to aerobic activities with can either be high or low-intensity workout exercises. They provide a wide range of benefits besides weight loss. Cardio activities help reduce stress, strengthen heart muscles, and increase blood circulation. Running, walking, cycling, and rowing are great cardio activities for both men and women.

6. Bear crawls

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Bear crawls are classified as the upper body circuit exercises. These activities increase the strength of your chest, shoulders, and arms. Besides strengthening your core muscles, bear crawls improve and aid hip mobility, activate your knees, and lose body fat.

7. Skipping

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Did you know that skipping is a full-body aerobic workout? Besides burning calories, skipping tone your muscles, and strengthen your arms. Start skipping 10 minutes every day and then increase the skipping duration to get better results. Remember—high-intensity interval training to burn more calories.

8. Stretching

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Even though most people think that weight training, cardio, and strengthening exercises to be effective in burning fat, stretching is vital in losing weight and achieving overall fitness. Stretching focuses on specific muscles to improve elasticity and increase blood circulation. Stretching for about 15 minutes every day can help you burn 80 to 90 calories. Stretching also improves your body posture and flexibility.

Losing weight is a continuous process that requires dedication, hard work, and commitment. Finally, although exercises can help in weight loss, a healthy food diet plays a vital role in losing body fat and staying healthy.  

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